Applications for UIUC Students

Please apply for the program (Academic Year or Semester Only) through Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange website and create your application first. Then an automated notification will be sent to the YIJ coordinator and you will be contacted by the coordinator.  Follow the instructions of the coordinator and send the following materials to the address below. If you are applying for Summer Only Program, please go to Summer Program (UIUC Students).

Application Materials

The application materials below are for AY 2019-2020 (Academic Year/Semester Only).

(1) Student Information (Click here)
Note: this form should be sent to via email by the deadline before other documents are ready to submit.
(2) Konan Application Form (Click here)
(3) Konan University Participant Agreement (Click here)
(4) Course Approval Form (Click here)
(5) Scholarship through Konan (Click here)
Note: Read first the direction"How to Calculate the JASSO GPA"
(6) Two Letters of Recommendation
Note: Students who have taken Japanese language classes need 2 recommendation letters, one from your faculty or your academic advisor or TA, and one from your Japanese language teacher. Forms are included in the Konan Application Form, but for your convenience, you can also download as below. Students who haven't taken any Japanese language classes need one letter from a faculty member, or an academic advisor. Please make sure the letters will be sent to by the deadline.
Recommendation from Japanese instructor (pp. 4-5) (Click here)
Recommendation from Faculty member (p. 7) (Click here)
(7) Your latest transcript
Go to "How to Order a Transcript". An electronic version can be sent directly to by the deadline. Physical ones should be sent to the address below by the deadline.
(8) Copy of your passport (if you have)

Mailing Address

Year-in-Japan Program
2090A FLB, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
707 S. Mathews Avenue, Urbana, IL 61801