Career Paths in EALC


Many of our graduates now hold positions in major universities both in the US and abroad in fields such as literature, history, anthropology, and religion. In addition, we have trained many teachers of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, who have successful careers in teaching East Asian languages at all levels of education. As scholars and professionals of East Asia, we take pride in training the teachers and scholars of tomorrow. If a career in education is for you, consider adding an East Asia focus to your skill portfolio.


Competence in one or more of the languages of East Asia, excellent presentation and writing skills, and an in-depth knowledge of the history and culture of East Asia are highly desirable assets in today's global job market. Many of our graduates have successful careers in business, journalism, publishing, science and technology, among others. The study of an East Asian language can be pursued in combination with another subject of the student's choice, as a Major or as a Minor.  Humanities Professional Resource Center The Humanities...