Miriam Horsley (YiJ Alum)

Miriam Horsley (AY 2016-2017)Horsley

<<This story was contributed while Miriam was studying abroad.>>
Though it feels like I just arrived in Japan, I can already say that studying abroad was the best decision I could have made in terms of both academics and personal growth. The program at Konan has kept me on my toes with Japanese and cultural classes, and my opportunity to live with a host family, work and interact with Japanese students, and immerse myself in daily life has been invaluable to learning about my passions and myself. There is no better way to challenge yourself than to be thrown into a new environment, and with the network of support provided at KIEC students have every opportunity to grow.

Living abroad is difficult, but for those who desire to explore their strengths and passions, the failures will be more valuable than an easy victory. In my short time here I have not only improved in Japanese but have also been able to challenge my comfort zone, explore a new culture, make incredible friends, and see a different corner of the world. All of these things add up to unforgettable experience, and even if my future doesn’t take me back to Japan, the memories and knowledge that I have gained here will remain with me throughout my life.

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