M.A. Requirements

  1. MA language requirements: 
    • Completion of fourth year (i.e., 400-level) coursework in one East Asian language with a grade of B or better, or passing special departmental examination in the language.
  2. Passing a comprehensive examination on work done in the Department or finishing an M.A. thesis approved by the adviser.
  3. MA course requirements: (Refer to The Definition of Discipline, Area and Field for the interpretation of these terms.)


Hours Courses Notes
4 EALC 500 Proseminar
8 Major field requirements

500-level courses in the major field

  • One course must be a research seminar in which the student produces a research paper using Asian language sources
20 Electives

400- or 500-level courses in

  1. a second area
  2. a second discipline
  3. Literature, History and Religion students who major in the modern period should take one pre-modern course; and whose field is premodern should take a modern course
Total = 32