Other Opportunities

Other Opportunities for Undergraduate Students in EALC

1. Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies

The Center for EAPS offers Undergraduate Asian Studies Scholarship and the Undergraduate International Exchange Scholarship. For more information, visit their webpage.

2. Departmental Distinction

Students must maintain a 3.25 cumulative grade-point-average and a 3.5 grade-point-average in courses in the major, complete two advanced (300-level or 400-level) non-language courses in East Asian studies beyond the minimum for the major (or complete a second major in another discipline) and receive the endorsement of the faculty adviser and the Honors Committee.

3. Study Abroad

 The Year in Japan Program on the campus of Konan University in Kobe, Japan, offers intensive courses in Japanese language as well as a range of courses on Japanese history, culture and society taught in English. An exchange program with Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea, affords the student the opportunity to take courses on Korean language and culture. Most of the credit earned in these programs transfers to the student's record and can count towards the major in East Asian Languages and Cultures. For more information visit our Study Abroad  page.

4. Tyler Award

Thanks to the generosity of an alumnus of the University of Illinois, the Department awards a number of undergraduate and graduate students for outstanding academic achievement each year: awards for the most outstanding EALC major, best in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages and TA awards, and for participants in the Year in Japan Program.

Taiwan Scholarships Program by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan

Scholarship recipients will each be provided with a monthly stipend of NT$25,000 for four years (NT$30,000 for master degree and doctoral students, for two and three years, respectively). There is no further financial assistance for medical insurance, tuition fees, and other expenses. However, scholarship recipients who attend the Language Enrichment Program in university-affiliated language centers will each be given an additional NT$25,000 per month for up to one year.

If you are interested, please visit for more information. Follow the link "The Taiwan Scholarship Program Guidelines" to downloard application forms.

-Completed Application Form;

-Study Plan;

-Proof of highest educational qualifications and academic performance;

-Proof of application to enroll at universities/colleges and/or language centers (e.g. a copy of the application form)

-Two recommendation letters.

The application materials should be sent to:

Grace Wang (Program Coordinator, Cultural Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural office in Chicago)

180 N. Stetson Ave. #5803 Chicago, IL 60601

Tel: 312-297-1325; Fax:312-616-1499