Fees & Financial Aid


The cost quoted includes most of the expenses associated with attending the program.

  Academic Year Fall Semester Spring Semester
Tuition $5,150 $2,575 $2,575
Housing, Orientation, Excursions, Other $13,256 $6,200 $7,035
Total $18,406 $8,775 $9,610

*The estimated total program cost includes breakfast and dinner but does NOT include round trip airfare and personal expenses in Japan.  Your university may ask additional fee when participating in the Program.  Check with the study abroad coordinator at your school for the fees to be paid.  Currency exchange rates will affect the costs significantly.
If you are a U of Illinois student or non-consortium student, you need to pay LAS Admin Fee ($800 for a year/$650 for a semester), Range III Tuition ($2,043/semester, resident), and International Health & Safety Fee ($365 for a year/$200 for a semester).


JASSO scholarship and HUMAP scholarship may be available to the participants through the Year in Japan Program up to around 80,000 JPY per month. Students who do not receive JASSO or HUMAP scholarship may receive some scholarship support from Konan University (10,000-53,000 JPY per month). 

There are several organizations that provide scholarships that can be used by students studying in this program. We encourage you to consider all of these scholarships.
Illinois LAS Financial Planning for Study Abroad
Bridging Scholarships
Freeman Asia Scholarships
Gilman International Scholarships

Study Abroad and Federal Aid Guidelines