Each year students have created their Year in Japan Yearbook.  Here is the one example, and you will find your future "Year in Japan"!

Study Tours

Each year there are program- sponsored study tours which allow students to visit several sites in western Honshu and Shikoku. 

In recent years, some of the study tours have taken students to visit important historical sites -- Koya-san,one of Japanese most important Buddhist sites and Hiroshima.


Konan University has over 100 student clubs and activity groups. Students are encouraged to participate in one or several of the many athletic, music, special interest or social clubs at Konan University if possible.

These activities provide an excellent way to further develop communications skills in Japanese and to participate in the flow of Japanese life.

Joint Seminar: More Interaction with Japanese Students

Until recently, students who were not able to speak Japanese fluently had little opportunity to take classes together with Japanese students. But the Joint Seminar which started is providing YIJ students with more opportunity to interact with Japanese students. Interesting topics offered in the Seminar also promote discussions and their understanding of Japanese culture.

Tomodachi Program

This program has been established to introduce YIJ students to Konan students prior to arrival in Japan. After submitting brief introductions, students receive e-mails from Japanese students who have similar interests, and start exchanging e-mails before leaving for Japan. The Konan students will help them get accustomed to Japan more quickly. We hope they also develop their friendship during their stay in Japan and beyond.

Learning Chinese/Korean/German and French at Konan with Japanese students

Do you want to add one more language skill to your resume? Do you want to learn Chinese, Korean, French and German language while improving your Japanese at Konan? You can learn Chinese, Korean, French and German languages taught in Japanese at Konan with Japanese students. This would be a great opportunity for students hoping to learn one more foreign language as well as seeking more interaction with Japanese students.