An incomplete list of resources that may help you to learn Chinese.

UIUC Resources

Mandarin Tones   Listen to the four tones in Mandarin Chinese.

Survival Chinese   Going to China tomorrow? Learn some survival Chinese and enjoy your visit! 

Chinese songs and poems   Another UIUC EALC product. A collection of Chinese songs, nursery rhymes and poems with sound links to each character.

Language learning apps and software 

HelloTalk   Incorporates many helpful language technologies. May take some getting used to because there are many functions, but can eventually save a lot of time to help you say what you want to say.

Mango Languages   There are links to Chinese movies with English translation.

Rosetta Stone   Free via the UIUC library.

Flipword   A UIUC product. Helps you learn Chinese (or other languages you'd like to learn) one word at a time by changing random words on a webpage when you surf the internet.

Arch Chinese A collection of tools to generate flash cards,  stroke order of Chinese characters, pinyin annotation, vocabulary list, etc.

On-line Chinese tools   A collection of tools including dictionary, Chinese input system, flash cards, etc.

Popular Chinese Websites

Baidu 百度 The Chinese Google.

Youdao 有道. Another Chinese search company. They feature dictionary, machine translation, and e-reader. 去哪儿. A Chinese travelocity. A site for reserving tickets and hotels in China.

Taobao 淘宝网. The Chinese Amazon. A good place to learn how to say everything you want to buy in Chinese.