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Korean Proficiency/Placement Test at UIUC  Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)
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Korean Proficiency/Placement Test at UIUC

The Korean placement/proficiency test is administered on the last business day BEFORE the first day of instruction begins in fall and spring semesters. This test is computerized and assesses four language skills, i.e., listening, reading, writing, and speaking, to determine a student’s level of language proficiency so he/she can be placed into the appropriate level of Korean language courses offered at UIUC. Please note that in case where a student's Korean proficiency level allows him/her to pass out of KOR courses, academic credits are NOT granted for the years of language classes exempt. 

Who takes this test?

If a student has a prior knowledge of the Korean language and is planning to take a Korean language course at UIUC for the first time, he/she needs to take the test.

UIUC students, who intend to have his/her language requirement waived by demonstrating their proficiency level equal to that required by his/her college, are also required to take the test. Whether any or how many semesters' worth of language requirement can be waived shall depend on their performance on the test. Again, one's language requirement may be fulfilled by demonstration of his/her Korean fluency with the test, but academic credits shall NOT be granted.

When is this test administered?

The Korean placement/proficiency test is administered in AUGUST and JANUARY on the last business day BEFORE fall and spring semesters start. Thus, it is VERY IMPORTANT TO CONTACT the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures (217-244-2725) IN ADVANCE for the date, time, and place of the said test, and SIGN UP ONLINE for the test.

For those who plan to take the test for the purpose of having their language requirement waived, NO ADDITIONAL TEST shall be offered during the semesters other than the ones on the above dates. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to plan ahead to take the test well in advance to your graduation.


Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)

The TOPIK, or Test of Proficiency in Korean, is a test administered by the Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation (KICE) to non-native Korean speakers to measure their knowledge of the Korean language. This test is fee-based, and is offered twice annually in many locations worldwide and once in April in Chicago, IL.

The test is divided into four parts: vocabulary & grammar, writing, listening, and reading. Each section is scored out of 100 points, for a total of 400 points. The final result is an average of all four sections. There is currently no oral section. A choice of 3 versions of the test are offered: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.









































Other Korean Proficiency Tests


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