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The Korean Language Program at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) offers four levels of Korean from elementary (First Year Korean) to Advanced level (Fourth Year Korean). Although there may be slight differences in the main emphasis on specific course objectives among different levels, all courses are designed to develop or improve the four language skills- i.e., speaking, listening, reading and writing-in students’ performance/competence. In addition, the courses offered in the Korean Language program at UIUC integrate cultural components into course materials by using authentic texts, audio-visual materials including Korean films, etc.

In order to effectively attain this goal by creating an optimal learning environment for students with diverse backgrounds, the courses are divided into two different tracks--i.e., Heritage Track (KOR 221, KOR 222, KOR 241, KOR 242, KOR 440, & KOR 441) and Non-heritage Track (KOR 201, KOR 202, KOR 203, KOR 204, KOR 305, KOR 306, KOR 440, & KOR 441).

Heritage Track is for those with Korean language background, which consists of six courses taken over six semesters. On the other hand, Non-heritage track is for those with no Korean language background, and comprise eight courses that can be taken over eight semesters. As for the fourth year Korean (KOR 440 and KOR 441), there is no distinction between heritage and non-heritage learners, so anyone who has completed the prerequisites in either heritage or non-heritage track can take the courses.

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Ha, Jeeyoung Ahn
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